Lionel Brown Prepares for the 2012 Australian ProLionel Brown with the help of George Farah will be competing in the 2012 Australian Pro Grand Prix. Lionel has a lot of size, charisma and potential to make it to the top of this so called game called bodybuilding. But his showing at the 2012 FlexPro was nothing short of disappointment.

Placing 13th out of 17th, Lionel decided he needed some help, so he called George Farah.

George is one of them Guru Miracle Workers. In a short amount of time, he took Mr 13th Place to a rock hard and conditioned physique that is ready to jump on a plane and take on the man himself, Branch Warren.

So, let's see if what George is telling us will come to fruition, but for now, we look forward to a new and improved, George Farah-atized, Lionel Brown.

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Team Flex Covers the Australian Pro