Juan Morel Opts out of Olympia

Though qualified, Team Morel decided it best to wait one more year to add those fine details required to place at the Olympia

Juan Morel Opts out of Olympia

Juan Morel's had a great run this year as a rookie pro. Morel took the 2011 North American Championships Men's Super Heavyweight Class and Overall.

Immediately the next year, Morel competed in and placed 4th at the 2012 New York Pro Men's Open. Team Morel took a step back, reassessed and came back to take the 2012 Hartford Europa 1st place spot.

It's a difficult decision, I know, but sometimes it's best to let off the gas, fine tune and come back stronger.

Morel's philosophy is if you're going to the Big Show, you go to win - not to show.

Look for IFBB Pro Juan Morel's upcoming video workouts and blogs leading into the 2013 Bodybuilding Season.

We here at Team Flex support Juan and wish him the best in the remainder of his off-season.

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