Kai Greene 2013 Olympia Update at 7 Weeks Out

Here's what Kai Greene's been up to for the past few weeks. Will he be ready for the 2013 Mr Olympia?

Kai Greene 2013 Olympia Update at 7 Weeks Out

IFBB Pro Kai Greene has been busy. All his guest posing obligations are done. He's traveling no more for special events or news interviews.

What Kai Greene is doing is only one thing: Etching out his existence as a professional bodybuilder preparing for the one big show of the year. Kai is hitting his workouts like no tomorrow. In the following, Kai hit the gym pretty much ALL DAY!

Started the workout 11am and ended 5pm. Until my body stops MOVING until my heart stops beating I will never give up.

As for news shows, Kai Green was on Good Day New York several weeks ago. The ratings were so good, the Fox Channel affiliate decided to work around Kai Greene's schedule and conduct a second interview in a gym environment, so the film crew met Kai Greene at Bev Francis Gym for a follow up segment to Good Morning New York. Catch the first interview, HERE.

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