IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak catches up with Mr Olympia, Phil Heath, at the 2012 NPC Easterns. This is an interesting conversation amongst two men, each of whom turned Pro at the 2005 USAs.

When Mubarak asks what Phil is doing to defend his title, Heath responds that he is cognizant of what he is doing: staying healthy, being careful not to get hurt, and not doing anything which didn't get him the Sandow the past two years.

Heath asked 8x Mr Olympia Lee Haney for sage advice and got these words of wisdom: "Phillip, you are two time Mr Olympia. Don't change anything. Let them change what they are doing – let them chase you."

Mubarak questioned Heath on what lessons organized sports taught him. They taught him to be resilient. You learn a lot of lessons both as an individual and as a team. You learn to deal with opposition – to look above and beyond the current thing.

Phil works just as hard as his fellow competitors. When he's being challenged, he reminds everyone that he is Mr Olympia, deserves to be there, loves being an ambassador to the sport and as a result he's going to be the fiercest competitor on stage.

Mubarak asks Heath how many more Olympias are in his plan? Phil has a number in the back of his head. But Phil is taking it one year at a time.

Phil Heath is Mr Olympia, and what people have to realize is everyone else is going to have to come to him by climbing that mountain of iron and see if they can take the Sandow from him.