The "Reality" Olympia

Bodybuilding requires faith, and here we take a giant leap of faith to speculate on the destination of the 2017 Sandow.

The "Reality" Olympia
Per Bernal

Ah, September and Las Vegas. That time of year when Sin City is dominated by exotically enhanced creatures sporting every kind of physical extreme as they, adorned by body and face paint but not a lot of clothing, present their weird and esoteric talents of varying levels in front of a beguiled audience. But forget about Cirque du Soleil—we’re here to check out the 53rd rendition of Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend being staged in Las Vegas from Sept. 14 to 17.

OK, the brief was to do an Olympic preview. Well, the formal tale-of-the-tape treatment can be boring and doesn’t really hit the spot. OK, he’s 250 pounds, but 250 pounds of what? There’s the alternative of collating prediction quotes from the Mr. Olympia class of 2017. 

Yeah, yawn...get ready for this repetitive quote: “This is my best prep ever, and I will be in the best shape of my life. #If I do well it’s down to me. #If I don’t it’s down to my guru.”

Time to get out my crystal ball (a consequence of an overly ambitious leap over a bicycle crossbar), and, as in keeping with the current vogue of treating everything as a reality show (especially things that aren’t real), here’s that leap of faith offering a fictional account of the climax of this year’s Mr. Olympia. 


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