Ambition. Anxiety. Anticipation.

December 14, 2010


There is only one chance each year to be crowned Mr. Olympia, the greatest bodybuilder in the world. With unyielding ambition Phil Heath chased this title; countless days of deprivation and discipline for the chance to be the greatest. With anxiety, The Gift (as Heath is known) sat in his hotel room knowing his fate was in the hands of a panel of judges. And with anticipation, he headed to the Orleans Arena on the night of September 25 to face his judgment and realize his dreams.

While 2010 was not Heath’s year to become Mr. O, his performance was a great one that brought him within points of claiming the crown. Check out this raw, behind the scenes footage of Phil Heath’s entrance to the Olympia stage. See Phil depart from his hotel room and track his path right onto the stage. With each step you will feel the ambition, anxiety, and anticipation.