With 12 consecutive top-five finishes in his 13 Mr. Olympia appearances, Shawn Ray is certified as one of the greatest bodybuilders in history. Phil Heath placed second to Jay Cutler at the 2010 Olympia and is considered by many to have a lock on the title in the near future.


Ray’s greatest strength was his lack of weaknesses. And Ray has Heath beat in the proportions department. Heath, though, stands a few inches taller and outweighs Ray at his peak by some 30 pounds. Heath has also managed to achieve a slightly higher level of conditioning than Ray.


A head-to-head battle between these two Sandow-worthy athletes would have been one for the ages. Our take: a prime Heath might have squeaked past a top-form Ray based on Heath’s slight edge in size and conditioning. However, in a judging round of Ray’s day, those results could easily have been reversed.

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IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014