John Meadows is training legs in preparation for the 2013 Masters Nationals. The two hour workout tarted with a leg curl variation. Those of you familiar with Meadow's style understand what he does with standing leg curls – pyramiding up and then a nasty drop set followed by partials.

Leg curls were followed by leg presses. Sets of 20. Nothing heavy – more of a pumping style for constant tension and blood flow.

From there Meadows moved on to leg extensions. Meadows loves partials, holds, and varying the angles to hit different parts of the muscle.

Front squats were next. Front squats are not really what Meadows does, but he had to back off a bit due to a slight back injury. So with front squats, it doesn't bother Meadow's lower back. Adding front squats at the end of the workout really hammers the finishing touches to the quads, Meadows states.

From there they moved on to hack squats followed by calves.

Watch and listen as John Meadows explains his methodologies and then try them in your gym.

Video filmed and edited by Jeffrey Sygo

NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals 2013

NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals 2013