National Heroes

The 12 Greatest NPC National Champions of All Time



IFBB contest wins: 3

Number of Mr. Olympia apperances: 10

Highest Mr. Olympia placing: 9th

When thick, dense muscle is the topic at hand, Johnnie Jackson’s name is sure to be at the center of the conversation. With an upper body hailed as Mr. Olympia-caliber by his fellow pros (particularly his pecs and back), Jackson’s muscle is as strong as it looks, as he won the inaugural Olympia World’s Strongest Bodybuilder in 2009 with a 523-pound bench press and an 815-pound deadlift (Jackson also deadlifted 815 pounds in official powerlifting competition). With fellow pro Dennis James in his corner in 2012, Jackson dialed in his finest conditioning in years to win the FIBO German Power Pro and placed ninth (his best to date) in the Mr. Olympia.

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