National Heroes

The 12 Greatest NPC National Champions of All Time



IFBB contest wins: 5

Number of Mr. Olympia apperances: 5

Highest Mr. Olympia placing: 3th

The Iron Warrior was one of the best tall men of his day and, with his wide structure, big back, delts, and arms, one of the few competitors who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Haney. With an outspoken personality reflected in his clothing line (billowed, outrageously patterned parachute pants, string tank tops, bandannas, etc.), Christian was a fixture at Gold’s Gym and Muscle Beach, and had a bit part in the 1987 movie adaptation of Dragnet, starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. Onstage, Christian won six shows and competed in five Mr. Olympias, with his highest placing being third in 1986.

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