Pete Calls it Arm Wrecking Day – We call it High Intensity Workouts Driven by Hany Rambod!

Arm wrecking workout video with Pete Ciccone in SoCal. This training sequence is a few weeks old, but crazy nonetheless. Pete isn't here to mess around. He's been working with Hany Rambod and eating clean all summer.

Pete's only cheat days are governed by Hany. Other than that, Pete feels good abut it. At 14 weeks out, Pete's weighing in at 216lbs which is about 4 weeks ago.

Pete's been doing this for a long time and plans only on refining this year. He's weighing a little less than last year, but that's been the plan – say lean in the off season.

In the arms workout, you'll see things a little different. Arms have always been a challenge, so what Pete does is workout arms twice or three times a week. Hitting arms with more volume more frequently allows for the arms to recover enough to be hit again. The trick is it can't be heavy weight. Just a lot of volume and for Pete, it's working.

NPC USA Championships 2012

NPC USA Championships 2012