I got my first weight set when I was 16 and have been on an incredible journey since then—from competitive bodybuilding to being in a horrific car accident in 1999 that nearly killed me and broke most of the major bones in my body. I went from a lean, muscular 190 all the way down to 139 while on a constant IV drip of morphine. All my years of hard work disappeared, but over time I rebuilt my body and took it even further. Then I got into personal training, moved into sports nutrition, landed a job at M&F and FLEX, then finally co-founded BPI Sports.

At this point in my life it’s time to give back and share my knowledge. Fitness really is simple, and I can answer your questions and help you improve in just 60 seconds. Ask me anything at flexonline.com/60secondsask for a chance to have it answered here. I came back and reinvented myself. Now I want to help you do the same.

Ask and Win

Submit your question at flexonline.com/60secondsask for the chance to win assorted BPI products.

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