Many of us find our training compromised when getting to the gym on a consistent basis becomes an increasing challenge. 

Although it’s not ideal for the hardworking bodybuilder, sometimes a home workout is better than nothing — at least it can hold you over until the next time you’re able to get to the gym. Here is a routine that can be performed almost anywhere, using only your bodyweight for resistance. Do the following exercises in a “circuit” fashion five times, resting two minutes between circuits.


Sets of 30-40 reps or to failure (which- ever comes first). Not much to explain here — we all know how to do pushups. To make them tougher, you can put your feet up on a chair (this position also hits your upper pecs more), or you can do close-grip pushups to target your triceps.


Sets of 8-12 reps or to failure. Find a chair that’s sturdy enough to support at least half of your bodyweight. With your hands on the floor (in a handstand posi- tion), flex your hips and place your feet on the chair so that you’re in a pike position. Lower your upper body by flexing your elbows until the top of your head lightly touches the floor, and then push your body back up.


Sets of 15-20 reps per leg. Since you aren’t using added resistance, do them one leg at a time to make them more difficult. Extend your nonworking leg in front of you, hold your arms out to the sides for balance and squat down as far as you can on your working leg.


Sets of 30-40 reps or to failure. Stand on the ball of one foot on a stair or a wooden block, then place your other foot behind your working ankle and, with one hand, grasp something stable for balance. Rep out as you would doing regular calf raises in the gym. To add resistance, hold something in your other hand (such as a bag full of books).


Sets of 20-30 reps or to failure. Posi- tion yourself between two solid chairs, and place your hands on each backrest. Bend your knees so that your feet are off of the floor. Dip down until your elbows are past 90 degrees, and then explode back up.


Rest a sturdy broom or mop across the seats of two chairs. Lie on the floor between the chairs with your chest under the stick. Reach up and grab the stick with an underhand grip and your hands shoulder- width apart. Keeping your body rigid, pull your chest up to the “bar” and slowly lower back down.


Sets of 20-30 reps. – FLEX