After languishing in the IFBB Pro League for his first two years, Ben White made a strong run for FLEX’s most improved bodybuilder of 2010 when he won the recent Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships in Tampa Bay, Florida.

How much has he improved? Last year, he was fifth in the same contest, and that was his highest pro placing until this victory. One thing he has always excelled at is bench pressing, as he is one of the lightest men to bench press 600 or more raw.

We have a comprehensive look at White’s bench pressing philosophy, technique, assistance exercises and routines in our September issue (“See Ben Bench”). Here, we provide a sneak peak, serving up two of the 10 items on his bench press technique checklist as well as the off-season chest maintenance routine he uses to maintain bench strength but also maximize pec mass. It’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in our September issue. SUBSCRIBE TO FLEX!


* “Before I even sit on the bench, I ‘see’ myself completing the lift. I go through everything: lowering the bar, exploding it off my chest and pushing it to lockout. In my mind, I’ve already done it. There’s no hesitation or doubt that I’ll succeed.”

* “With the bar in position, my entire body is now a coiled spring. I get on the balls of my feet and generate power by pushing through the floor to shift the energy to my lats, which are the main movers in the beginning of the lift.”


Bench presses 4-5 15-8
Incline bench presses 4 15-8
Hammer Strength decline presses 4 15-8

Note: White precedes these chest exercises with pullups for five sets of 10 reps, working his lats, the prime movers during the initial ascent of a bench press.