Break the Plateau and Grow

Gain size and strength with these plateau-busting tips.

Break the Plateau and Grow

You train hard, but does your physique reflect the amount of time you spend in the gym? Are you making steady gains in strength and muscular development? If you did not answer with a resounding yes to either of these questions, then you need to read on.

People tend to accept a lack of continual progress in the gym, referring to it as “hitting a plateau.” But for
 bodybuilders, being
 stuck at a plateau is 
simply an excuse for
their failure to coordinate heavy training, 
adequate diet/supplementation, and sleep. After all, the top pros know that there are ways to tweak their training and diet to avoid plateaus—that’s one reason why they show up onstage larger and leaner every year.

So now you may be scratching your head and asking, What
is it that the big guys are doing that I am not? Well, you’re in 
luck because we have compiled 
a number of simple but fundamental training, diet, and supplementation pointers that will work synergistically to maximize your time spent in the gym.


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