The Butcher

How Jay Cutler slices and dices his hams and calves.


Today you will train hamstrings and calves.  Among hardcore trainers and rows of underused equipment, you’ll do 15 sets for hamstrings and nine for calves while being observed by an inquiring FLEX scribe and a tireless FLEX photographer. You live for this. You are Jay Cutler.


 You do four working sets, the first with 130 pounds (13 reps) and the second with 150 (nine reps). You finish with two drop sets, twice going from 160 (eight reps) to 100 (seven reps) without rest. You could use more weight, but instead of risking injury, you’d rather crank out the repetitions.

Next, you position yourself in a seated leg-curl machine for what you call a “feel set” (a warm-up set during which you get a feel for the weight). After that, you do 270 for two sets of 11 reps. With a grin, you tell the scribe, “Let’s do the whole stack, Greg, so no one can say s—t,” setting the pin at the bottom (285 pounds) and, refusing to give in, grinding out 14 reps. 

Next up: stiff-leg deadlifts. Actually, for you, these are bent-leg deadlifts, although you do keep your legs relatively rigid. Bending your knees takes the emphasis off your glutes and lower back and focuses it on your hams. You do sets with 225, 275 and 315, always getting 10-12 reps, not even bothering to wear straps.


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