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Back in the day the Classic Physique reigned king as bodybuilding titans such as Schwarzenegger, Zane and Olivia showcased streamlined and aesthetic physiques that took home trophies and inspired men from around the world to hit the weights for a perfectly sculpted body of their own. From the 1970’s to 1990’s it was the look that dominated the stage and the gym.

Today that trend has reemerged in spectacular fashion. So much so that the IFBB decided to debut Men’s Classic Physique for the first time at the 2016 Olympia. With competitors and fans flocking to the official class, it’s clear to see that Classic Physique is back and stronger than ever!

In recognition of the Classic Physique division’s comeback, IFBB great Rich Gaspari and current Classic Physique competitor Robert Timms are here to tell you what you can do—in and out of the gym—to achieve this sought-after look.


Many types of impressive physiques have been crafted in weight rooms and strutted across competitive stages over the years, but it’s the Classic Physique that has stood the test of time. With its broad shoulders, wide upper back and small waist, the Classic Physique is the epitome of physical and aesthetic perfection from which the sport of professional bodybuilding was founded. Commonly referred to as the V-taper, this coveted look continues to be the ultimate goal for bodybuilders at all levels. No longer is it just a quest for size, but also proportions and symmetry.

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A Mr. Olympia top 3 finisher during the mid to late 80s and the winner of the inaugural Arnold Classic in 1989, Rich Gaspari has proven to be one of the most successful bodybuilders of his time.

Not only has Gaspari’s success on the competition stage earned him a place in the IFBB Hall of fame, it’s also helped catapult a successful career in the sport’s supplement industry, where he established Gaspari Nutrition in 2001. All that passion has enabled Gaspari to forge forward with aspirations of building a leader in the sport’s supplement industry that continues to turn out superior quality products for weightlifters at all levels to get superior quality results for both his customer’s around the world, and himself. Today, well past his competition days, Gaspari still showcases an impressive physique—225 pounds with a body fat that ranges between 5–8% annually.

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ABOUT Robert Timms

Air Force veteran, and new Gaspari Nutrition athlete, Robert Timms is a classic physique competitor looking to be the face—and body—of the IFBB’s new division. Check out Timm’s recent FLEX feature HERE for more on his goals, thoughts on the Classic Physique division, and training style.