At this year’s Olympia gala, Marcus Haley won the FLEX Achievement Award for Male Comeback Athlete of the year. It was well-deserved. After making four pro posedowns during his first two years in the big league, a torn quadriceps kept him off stages in ‘;08 and threatened to derail his career. Returning to competition last year, the highest placing he could muster in four contests was a 9th. But the Comet soared in 2010, nabbing his highest pro placing yet, a second at the Orlando Show of Champions, followed by a respectable 13th amongst the world’s best at the Mr. Olympia. Haley, who turned 38 on October 5, shares his ideas on using dumbbells for arm training, and he dishes up a favorite triceps routine.


“I like free-weights for arms, and dumbbells give you the freest range of motion. I like to do both alternating dumbbell curls and hammer curls [with dumbbells] for biceps, and I also like dumbbell triceps kickbacks for triceps. All of these dumbbell exercises let me find the best groove for each arm and twist my wrists to get the best contractions.”


Seated EZ-bar triceps extensions 4 10-12
Pushdowns 4 10-12
Dumbbell kickbacks 4 10-12