Dominican Domination

Victor Martinez, Jon Delarosa, and Juan Morel put some Caribbean flavor into training chest, shoulders, and traps.


Per Bernal

It’s tough to separate these three guys: Victor Martinez, Juan Morel, and Jon Delarosa. All are of Dominican Republic descent, all currently live in New York, and all are top-level IFBB Pro League professionals. And as you can see in the accompanying photos, they're pretty tight.

“We’re really good friends, all three of us,” says Morel. “As competitors, we show each other support, we’re there for one another, and we’re happy if one of the others does well at a show. Some people want to go to war offstage and talk trash, but that makes no sense to us. We’re not boxing, we’re not fighters.”

The next time these buddies compete against one another, there will apparently be no trash talk, but there will be plenty of Dominican muscle—roughly 750 pounds of it on the stage (properly reinforced, we hope), with Martinez and Morel each weighing around 260 and Delarosa at 230 or so.

Building this much mass has a lot to do with the following workouts for chest, shoulders, and traps. Each guy trains a bit differently, but all three approaches seem to be working in (Dominican) dominating fashion.

Per Bernal


Martinez: “I do a crossover flye press here. First, I make sure I’m going wide enough to hit my outer pecs. I start the movement as a flye, then I drop my elbows and finish with a press. When I push at the end, I make sure I squeeze and extend my arms forward to achieve a full contraction. You’ll sometimes see people actually cross one hand over the other; I would rather just push and squeeze where my hands meet. Most people take that crossover name too literally.” 


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