The Train with Kai Greene contest is back at!

UltraFit Challenge Single-Arm Preacher Curl

The Train with Kai videos represent a groundbreaking series, allowing younger less experienced bodybuilders to learn from the two time Arnold Classic champion and Mr. Olympia contender, Kai Greene.

UltraFit Challenge Single-Arm Lateral Raise

This time, the Train with Kai contest has been expanded to include travel expenses and lodging from anywhere within the continental USA…AND the lucky winner gets to pick the body part to be trained in the gym with Kai!

UltraFit Challenge Bent-Over Row

Go to right now and sign up to enter. Submit your pictures, essay and video to tell us why YOU should be the next bodybuilder to train with Kai!

Ultrafit Challenge Stability Ball Dumbbell Press

The deadline for entries is September 30th and the winner will be announced after the Mr. Olympia competition on October 15th, 2012.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to pump iron with one of the most awe inspiring, accomplished and inspirational bodybuilders in the sport today!

Go to and enter NOW!