Reg Park (No. 60) inspired Arnold inside and outside the gym. 

There are many great resources for fitness information—including FLEX Magazine—but with so many voices, which do you listen to? That’s why I believe finding a role model is the best way to get on the right path and stay there.

Reg Park was mine. A dominant bodybuilding champion in the 1950s, he had the massive Herculean look I wanted for myself, so I trained like Reg. He had also made the transition to movie star and businessman. By studying how he accomplished his goals, I found the blueprint for my own success.

Select a role model who looks the way you want to look but shares some genetic similarities. If you’re naturally very thin, don’t choose someone like Franco Columbu to emulate when Frank Zane’s approach would probably suit you better. This way, your role model provides the inspiration and practical know-how to achieve attainable fitness goals.

But beyond what a role model can do for your body, consider how he will inspire your mind and spirit. Apart from his other accomplishments, Reg Park was a great humanitarian. He made me want to be more than just rich and famous but to give back to the world, which is my main mission now. He’s still my hero, and always will be.