Go All Out with Doggcrapp

The underground workout system that made it big.


Using Doggcrapp, David Henry packed on 30 lean pounds in fewer than three years.

Doggcrapp is like “Gangnam Style,” an Internet sensation that everyone has heard of but few understand. When Dante Trudel posted his philosophy to an Internet discussion board in 2000, he never thought more than a few dozen meatheads would read it. That explains the moniker. It was his spur-of-the-moment screen name for what he anticipated would be a single post. But Trudel was deluged with questions, the original post grew to 118 pages, and his writings were copied and pasted around the Web. Doggcrapp became the most revolutionary bodybuilding system since HIT arrived more than 40 years ago. In retrospect, the name seems oddly appropriate in a punk rock sort of way because Doggcrapp is an anarchic ideology that challenges the status quo.

Doggcrapp creator Dante Trudel pushes Dusty Hanshaw through a D.C. workout.


“I thought about what makes a muscle grow, what would make it grow faster, and to absolutely stop thinking in this ‘I want to be big so bad I’ll overthink and overdo everything’ concept,” Trudel told FLEX. “Why do people think in terms of ‘annihilating myself into rigor mortis in today’s workout’ instead of progression and recovery over weeks, months, and years? I scrapped everything and reverse-engineered it. I broke it down, took out all the things I felt were just fluff and there for ego and obsessive compulsive satisfaction, and created a power-building attack.”

What Trudel deduced was that bodybuilding gains are directly related to strength gains. Forget pumping up the muscles or shocking them with intensity techniques. Doggcrapp prescribes that you choose, typically, one exercise per body-part routine and focus on growing progressively stronger in that exercise over time. Easier said than done, right? Try to beat your best in the same lift workout after workout and you’ll quickly smash into a wall. Trudel knew this. Avoiding that wall for as long as possible is the rationale behind D.C.’s principles.


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