King Kong Shoulders

Harold Kelly has had a great run atop the IFBB Pro League Wheelchair Division. His shoulders obviously can carry the weight of being at the top.


Ian Spanier

The IFBB wheelchair division has been hitting new heights every year since its inception, propelled by the inspiring onstage presence of the competing athletes. Harold Kelley is not only a shining example of the division’s growth but also the most dominant athlete in it. Most recently, he’s gone back-to-back at the Arnold Classic, standout victories in a pro career already full of first-place finishes. After a car accident left him paralyzed from the waist down in 2007, the husband and father focused on what he was able to control—his family life, his businesses, and his upper body. That focus has led him to the success he’s attained thus far in bodybuilding, and he believes he’s far from done. 

FLEX: Do you feel the accident brought your family closer together? 

HAROLD KELLEY: We were already pretty close. My wife was my girlfriend at the time, but we already knew we were meant for each other. Our family is involved in everything I do, from the businesses like King Kong Nation [Kelley’s family-owned health and fitness business,] to my training and even my diet. My daughter will text me, “You get all your water today?” My wife will make sure I’ve eaten all my meals. I couldn’t do this without them. Family has to be in your corner.


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