Lionel Beyeke’s Back Blowout

How Lionel Beyeke trains his lats.



After a brief warmup on the stepper, Beyeke starts his back workout with wide-grip pullups. Nothing beats this motion for the stretch it grants at the bottom, where Beyeke can hang under his own body weight and feel it in his lats all the way to their lowest insertions. Beyeke will even do pullups in the of-season when he’s close to 300 pounds. He pulls himself up until his biceps and triceps are parallel to the ground, before lowering himself in a steady cadence to the bottom position. He doesn’t torque his body or kick his legs to get himself into the top position. The amount of weight he’s carrying on his frame will dictate how many reps Beyeke can perform on this movement, which serves to warm up his entire back and get the blood flowing.


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