The Near-Death Experience of Bill Grant

An epic story of a bodybuilding legend.


Schwarzenegger, Columbu, Zane, Grant. Not all are household names, yet all are synonymous with the term “champion bodybuilder,” and all are from the iconic Pumping Iron and Gold’s Gym days of the ’70s. Each is an epic story in and of themselves, yet the focus here is on the legendary Mr. World and Mr. America, Bill Grant.

Grant was a scrawny kid who started working out in his early teens to put some meat on his bones. He made some significant gains and started competing before the age of 20.

By 1972, Bill “Man of Steel” Grant was on the podium proudly holding the Mr. America trophy. Two years later, he was crowned Mr. World. Grant’s name was chiseled into the bodybuilding history books.

The rest is history, as they say. From TV and commercials to movies and books, to charity work, to being a spokesperson and advocate, to his own nutrition supplement company, Grant has been successful in virtually every endeavor he’s undertaken.

But something happened about five years ago that nobody ever saw coming.


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