The Perfect 20

Build your best wheels ever, 20 reps at a time.


Per Bernal

Barbell Squat 

“I like to try new things.” So says nearly every awkward dating-site introduction, a meaningless statement that says almost nothing about the nature of the person who typed it into the tedious online form.

After all, it doesn’t take much courage to be up for the new sushi joint that just opened on the corner. No one is going to look at you much differently if you boldly decide to opt for Via instead of Uber or sign up for tennis lessons. Bravo.

No, to really give life to that statement, you’re gonna need to be a little more extreme in your thinking. Like, for instance, David Henry, 2008 Olympia 202 champion and winner of nine IFBB pro titles. The Arizona resident and U.S. Air Force master sergeant has tried not one but two radical training approaches during his 13-year career, both of which were well outside the traditional bodybuilding approach.

The first was born of a post to an Internet discussion board in 2000 by Dante Trudel, a post he nonchalantly titled “DoggCrapp.” The unfortunate moniker stuck as his philosophy gained immediate traction. One of those early readers, ravenous for a new approach, was Henry, who proceeded to pack on 30 pounds of lean muscle in just under three years using Trudel’s strength- focused style, a concoction of seriously heavy weight coupled with rest-pause to push through at least three failure points in an all-out effort.

Per Bernal

Leg Press

A few years later, Henry—now a decorated IFBB veteran and a threat to win any 212 show he entered—switched it up again, this time jumping headfirst into Fortitude Training. Taking some cues from Leo Costa’s Titan Training principles, Henry’s nutritionist, Scott Stevenson, devised the Fortitude regimen to hit every body part several times per week, with rest periods of only 10 seconds between sets.

As Henry told “It takes a lot of guts to get through this training. Everyone who’s contacted [Stevenson] has wussed out. You see what you’re really made of when you do this program. If you can do DC, you might be able to do this. I have the mentality to endure it. I’m a glutton for punishment.”

See what we mean about trying new things? Here at FLEX, we’ve taken inspiration from Henry’s willingness to radically revamp his approach, and we’ve designed a leg workout that—like the impetus behind DoggCrapp and Titan Training—is radically different from the typical bodybuilding fare.


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