Rockin' Bod

Jesse Huerta is getting attention, not only on the physique stage. He's doing it on the rock stage, too!

Rockin' Bod
Brian Simmons

Jesse Huerta had two loves when he was younger, muscles and music. Fortunately for him, he’s able to follow both passions. He’s currently the bass player for the hard rock band Hindsight, and it plays several events a year across the country. When it comes to muscle, he competes in the NPC men’s physique division, where he recently finished in the top five at the Ronnie Coleman Classic. 

“I started training around the same time I pursued playing music. I always wanted to compete, but I knew my physique couldn’t hang with the bigger guys in bodybuilding. When the new divisions were coming out, I saw men’s physique and thought to myself that I could do well there. So I signed up for my first contest and was hooked ever since.”

When asked if one stage helps him on the other, Huerta says he sees advantages to both. 

“Competing in the NPC helps me with stage presence and being more comfortable when I perform with Hindsight. When I play onstage, we’re really active and moving around a lot. It can be quite a workout when you really get into playing and your adrenaline is going.”

His pursuit of men’s physique and competing has helped him in other areas as well. “Having the type of body I have has opened several doors for me. I’ve been able to take part in fashion shows, modeling clothes. I’ve been able to attain sponsorships because of my look, and I never thought I would have so many followers tell me how I inspired them or helped them. I just tried to be me. That was something I never counted on. 

The Evogen athlete and Harbinger ambassador is preparing to compete again in October with hopes of qualifying for Nationals. 


BIRTH DATE: Nov. 11, 1981

RESIDENCE: College Station, TX


CONTEST WEIGHT: 190 pounds

FACEBOOK: Jesse James

TWITTER: @rollinsw0llen

INSTAGRAM: rollinsw0llen



  • Seated Dumbbell Curl | SETS: 7 | REPS: 12
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl | SETS: 3 REPS: 10 (plus 5 partial reps) 
  • Machine Preacher Curl | SETS: 3 REPS: 10
  • Reverse-Grip Extension | SETS: 3 REPS: 10-12
  • Close-Grip Bench Press | SETS: 3 REPS: 10
  • Lying Extension | SETS: 3 REPS: 10
  • Rope Pressdown | SETS: 7 REPS: 12

NOTES: Take 30 seconds’ rest between FST-7 sets; 60 seconds’ rest between other sets.