Strength and Fortitude

Dave Henry’s jaw-dropping training routine.


David Henry is called the Giant Killer for a very good reason. Recently, Henry decided he needed a change in his training. He’d always followed the nutrition advice of Dr. Scott Stevenson, whom he trusted implicitly. For years Henry had also been the most successful poster child for the mysterious DC (Doggcrapp) style of training, famously putting on 30 pounds of muscle in three short years.

For the uninitiated, both Dante Trudel—creator of Doggcrapp—and his training style are like riddles wrapped in an enigma. You have a general idea of the man and his principles, you know someone who follows DC, but you don’t actually see it in the gym very often and can’t pin down the exact training split and exercises.

And if you think DC is obscure, you’ll almost certainly never have heard of Fortitude Training, or what had originally been called Titan Training. Henry’s nutritionist, Dr. Stevenson, devised his own system after years of meticulous research on kinesiology and body mechanics. Needing a break from years of DC training, Henry agreed to be his guinea pig. He attributes “The training was ridiculous,” Henry said. “It allowed better recovery and faster gains. I blew up in size. It was the first time I could feel my legs grow and witness dramatic changes.”

Based loosely on Leo Costa’s methods, which Stevenson analyzed and then molded into his own program, it’s not about the amount of weight lifted, but the frequency of training. Whereas most sane people would’ve quit within a few days, Henry has embraced it. “It takes a lot of guts to get through this training,” he says. “Everyone who’s contacted him has wussed out. You see what you’re really made of when you do this program. If you can do DC, you might be able to do this. I have the mentality to endure it. I’m a glutton for punishment.”


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