CrossFit is known for being one of the most intense workouts around, with dedicated athletes constantly testing their limits and getting stronger every day. M&F’s Zack Zeigler took on CrossFit, working on both clean and jerk, and the muscle up with certified coach Steve Bambinelli.

Warming up is a must, so Zeigler stretched and worked on mobility before anything else. Once the warmup was over, he went for the clean and jerk. It’s a technical movement, but, with some patience and accessory move work, Zeigler took it like a champ and got some weight up.

Then it was time to take on the muscle up. It’s a lot more technical than the clean and jerk, so it took a few tries to get this gymnastics staple right. There’s a lot going on—false grip, the switch from pulling up to pushing down on the rings, keeping the core tight, and keeping the rings close—but the third time’s the charm, and Zeigler nailed the move with a few tips from Bambinelli that you can incorporate into your own muscle-up technique.

While you’re crushing any CrossFit workout, make sure to follow these three tips for maximum progress:

  1. Be patient with new movements
  2. Take it slow before you push your limits
  3. Replenish your muscles with protein to recover right

Zero boundaries_ring grip

You can make your own gains with Bambinelli’s CrossFit workout.


Complete for time:

  • 2x muscle up
  • 5x clean and jerk (135lbs/95lbs**)
  • 4x muscle up
  • 4x clean and jerk (185lbs/125lbs)
  • 6x muscle up
  • 3x clean and jerk (225lbs/155lbs)
  • 8x muscle up
  • 2x clean and jerk (245lbs/170lbs)
  • 10x muscle up
  • 1x clean and jerk (265lbs/185lbs)

**Increase the weight on each set of the clean and jerks. Weights written are male/female suggestions only; adjust depending on your comfort level with the clean and jerk.

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Editor’s Tips

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