We can all agree that sometimes working out can seem like a chore. On those bad days, the mere thought of having to hit the gym can seem daunting—even though you know you’ve gotta skip the excuses and just get in there.

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross proved this in a recent Instagram video, in which she wore a black sports bra, sparkly black tights, and a frown across her face. She captioned the video, “I was not in the mood to workout today but I got in there and did it anyway. I always feel better after a workout. Didn’t smile during but I’m smiling now.”

We’ve all been there before. We also know that nothing beats the feeling you get after a workout. The progress your body makes long-term makes it all worth the pain.

Ellis Ross received a slew of comments from her loyal followers. One read: “This is me. I don’t want to go but seeing this post just gave me that push. Mood will not be the controller today!” Another commenter claimed it was “mind over matter” and thanked the actress for sharing.

Even if you aren’t smiling during your workouts, it’s OK: like Ellis Ross, you likely will be after.