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Watch Jessie Graff Make History

The 'American Ninja Warrior' competitor is the first woman to pass stage one of the national finals.



American Ninja Warrior is an obstacle course competition where the vast majority of the competitors are men. However, in stage one of the national finals, Jessie Graff showed everyone that women are more than capable of completing the grueling obstacle course. 

The obstacles in American Ninja Warrior courses are designed to be extremely challenging for men, so female competitors face extra challenges, especially on obstacles where height is a plus. 

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No woman has passed stage one of the finals before, but Graff, a stuntwoman from Calabasas, California who is known for dressing up as superheroes to compete, did it with energy to spare and placed fourth. This means she didn't just scrape by, but beat most of her competition. 

She'll continue on to stage two of the finals, continuing to make history and show the guys that it's anyone's game.

Watch Graff dominate in the first stage of the finals above, and catch American Ninja Warrior on Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.