American Ninja Warrior has become one of the most popular stunt competitions in television history—and it’s because of bad-ass women like Jessie Graff. The 32-year-old stunt woman took on this week’s track in the qualifiers competition and COMPLETELY nailed it. She jumped, climbed, and (literally) flew her way across the seemingly endless obstacle course with graceful ease—all while dressed in full Wonder Woman attire.

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Graff has been running the stunt woman game in Hollywood for years, appearing (secretly) in a long list of film and TV shows including X-Men, Sons of Anarchy, Ted 2, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. If her credentials don’t impress you, Graff was also among one of two women to make it to the top 30 in season eight of American Ninja Warrior.

With her untouchable performance this week, Graff is well on her way to the next round of competition. Since she’s an all-star athlete, it seems her only real issue is going to be who to dress up as next.