Labral Tears:

“Labral tears of the hip are very common from working out, especially with squatting,” Derek Ochiai, M.D. says. The labrum surrounds the hip joint, and if torn, it may cause pain as you go from sitting to standing, or you mayfeel like your hip is unstable.

Fix Your Hips for Deeper Squats

Fix Your Hips for Deeper Squats

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Hip Bursitus:

Bursae are  fluid-filled sacs around joints that help ease friction. An inflamed bursa is known as bursitis. “Tight IT bands put pressure on the greater trochanteric bursa [on the outside of the hip], leading to hip bursitis,” Ochiai says. This causes sharp intense pain at the point of the hip and extends to the outside of the thigh. The pain is known to increase at night or when standing after sitting in a chair.

Snapping-Hip Syndrome:

If your hip snaps or pops when you walk, stand, or swing your leg, you may have this. It’s common among runners and is often painless, but it can lead to bursitis in the hips.

Strong Hips

Strong Hips Will Help Your Sex Life

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