The ‘athleisure’ trend has been on the rise, it’s clothing that’s made for workouts but the catch is that you can also wear it outside the gym such as the office. And good news ladies, the new lifestyle change has been taking over sport bras. 

It’s been seen by The NPD Group/Consumer Tracking Service that sales of the alternative sport bra have been up while sales for the traditional undergarment have plummeted. Because of the rise in popularity, top atheltic and lingerie stores are focusing on the trend. 

Under Armour has the Armour Bra Collection, which inspired the launch of a female-focused ad campaign. 

As for Nike has the Nike Pro Bra Collection — triggering the women’s’ business last year to have grown 20 percent. This has also made stores offer bra-fitting services. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods has created a bra “destination” for its store, expecting it to play a key role in its new women’s-only Chelse Collective Stores. Professional bra-fitters will be present in the new stores. 

Let’s not forget about Victoria’s Secret, they have been focusing on the sport push-up bras rather than push-ups.