Biking is an excellent way to commute to work while getting some exercise in the process. You avoid paying for gas and subjecting yourself to mass transit while earning some cardio without having to slog to the gym.

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However, biking can be dangerous, so you ought to keep these three tips in mind when it comes to cycling.

1. Properly inflate tires

The side of your bike tire will say what PSI the inner tube should be inflated to. Check the pressure before every ride to help prevent flats. If you have to inflate your tires a lot before every ride, you may have a slow leak.

2. How to change a tire/tube

Detach tire from bike. Then remove tire halfway off rim so you can remove the inner tube: You’ll likely need two tire levers, one to hold under the bead and the other to slide between the tire and rim. Once the tire is off one side of the rim, slide out tube. Look in the tire for debris like glass or rocks; inflate tube to listen for leaks. If the hole can be patched, do so now, following directions on a patch kit. If the tube is badly damaged, tuck a new inner tube under the tire that’s still half-attached to rim. Use your fingers to tuck tire back onto rim. Then reinflate tire, and reattach to frame.

3. Wear a helmet

Current helmet technology offers cute and very effective protection from serious head injuries. Helmets reduce the odds of severe traumatic brain injury by 51%, odds of mortality by 44%, and odds of facial fractures by 31%. Always wear one.

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