If the ‘Vaginal Kung-Fu’ expert sounds like a scary villain in a cheesy horror flick, we’re here to set the record straight with the latest weightlifting phenomenon we encountered this week.

In a “you have to see it to believe it” video, sex and relationship expert Kim Anami shows off the weightlifting trick we, um, don’t recommend trying at home. Amani tells The Daily and Sunday Express that she can “lift coconuts, household objects and even a surfboard with her vagina.” 

Her unique weightlifting technique involves, “tying a thin piece of string to a jade-covered egg, which is then inserted into her vagina. She attaches the other end of the string to whichever object she is lifting – be it weights, tropical fruits or even Oscar trophies,” according to the article on The Daily and Sunday Express.

While we’re cringing and crossing our legs just thinking about this crazy party trick (that we don’t really want to see in person), Anami does have a positive female sexuality message to go along with this unusual workout. She wants women to know that it’s important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to enhance orgasms and preventing pelvic organ prolapse (when your muscles are weakened after childbirth and your bladder drops from it’s normal place into the walls of the vagina). We think you’re better off starting with some kegel exercises first to build pelvic floor muscle strength, and then try these 6 Best Exercises for an OMG Orgasm.

Watch the video here: