Whether you’re working out to look good, feel good, or perform better in a sport, there’s no question that exercise has a multitude of benefits for your body and mind. But did you know that your gym workout can make your sex life better, too? Beyond feeling fitter, sexier, and more confident, exercise can improve your endurance in bed and even target the muscles that make your orgasms more intense (in some cases, exercise itself can cause orgasms). 

Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., is an associate professor at Indiana University and author of The Coregasm Workout. In her research, she has found that cardio is essential for an out-of-this-world orgasm, saying, “Cardio keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, which is at the root of blood flowing throughout the body including the pelvic area during sexual arousal.” But she also says that there are strength and flexibility exercises that make a difference, too. Add these moves to your fitness regimen and enjoy the benefits. 

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6 Workout Routines for Better Sex

Master these moves to blow your partner's mind in bed.

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