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In case you haven’t already heard, Quest Nutrition recently released their latest macro-conscious innovation – the Beyond Cereal Protein Bar! Fans have been quick to share excitement for the improbably delicious bar that tastes exactly like cereal even though it’s made out of protein. They’ve been posting pictures of the three debut flavors (Waffle, Chocolate, and Cinnamon Roll) all over social media with the hashtag #BeyondCereal, and so far the posts have been, well… BEYOND!

People LITERALLY went bananas…

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 1

Look at this baby, already double-fisting.

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 2

This girl was so excited she just couldn’t wait to take it all off…

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 3

Ahem. My eyes are up here.

Leaning tower of protein.

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 4

Apparently even mermaids are digging the Beyond Cereal Bar…

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 5

(Note: “Just the essentials” does not include sparkly bottoms. Clearly a mermaid.)

This waffle maker didn’t even know what to do with itself!

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 6

You’re doing it wrong.

Some people demanded answers: To syrup, or not to syrup? THAT is the question!

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 7

(Well, maybe just the dip…)

And others were quick to give their old cereal the boot!

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 8

(Pro tip: A little milk might help!)

And selfies will never be the same.

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 9

Seriously, this girl was so excited she had to post the same picture of herself four times!

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 10


This guy apparently threw a Beyond Cereal Party.

Thumbnail_BCB Reaction 11 (1)

On our way, Ryan.

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