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Has it been hard to put Santa on a diet?

Here’s the recipe!

Get a beefcake with coffee cake – that’s genius! Because when I think Santa, I think dessert. Does he really prefer sweet over savory?

Mrs. C: Santa has a sweet tooth, that’s for sure, so portion control has always been an important thing to consider when packing sleigh ride meals. If I let him indulge without thinking about what he’s eating, he would never fit down a chimney! Nick makes so many people feel special, so when he takes flight on Christmas Eve I always like to send him off with some love and support. Each year I present him with a reinvented Red Velvet Waffle topped with, “Yule do great!” spelled out in cream cheese icing, made with Quest Vanilla Milkshake Protein Powder.

This is how I make it!

That sounds delicious, but isn’t Santa more of a milk and cookies kind of guy?

You can find my simple recipe here!

Very cute, Mrs. C, turning cookies into snowmen. You make this sound so easy! So, with Santa, it’s all sweets all the time?

Mrs. C: For the most part, but he does enjoy a hint of the salty and savory. Believe it or not, Santa is quite a foodie; he has a sophisticated palate and always appreciates a seasonal delight. With that in mind, I’ve cooked up the most satisfying Pumpkin Pie Tarts with Pumpkin Pie Quest Bars. They’re miniature in size, but full of flavor. By the way, those bars are only available until December 31st so you’ll need to act fast to try this one!

This is the recipe I use!

Carmel macchiato shake

You’re making me hungry! But with all this food, do you make anything to help wash it all down?

Here’s how I make it!