Super-Fast Slimdown Training Plan

Pair this training plan with the Super-fast Slimdown nutrition plan to fast-track your results.


Do this workout with the superfast slimdown nutrition plan to maximize your fat loss results.

High-carb training days. Shift your focus to larger muscle groups, such as those in your back and legs. The boost in carbs will refill your glycogen stores—and with more glycogen in your muscles, you can up the intensity and lift more weight for longer periods of time.

Low-carb training days. Following a low-carb diet can sometimes leave you feeling a little sluggish; but rather than going easy on your training, use these days to do workouts that take less time. Choose smaller body parts such as biceps or triceps, or secondary body parts (the ones that are already your strong points), where a little less intensity is required.

Cardio throughout. You’ll perform 45–60 minutes of cardio on an elliptical 4–5 days per week, working at 75% of your MHR. Keeping this level steady will allow you to focus on heavier weight training for your high-carb days while still burning plenty of fat for your lighter low-carb days.

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