You’ve already got a two-pack. (Maybe a four-pack.) Your training routine’s solid. But you’re still not seeing your lower abs pop in the shirtless workout selfies you post to Instagram. The reason? Your ab workout may need an overhaul.

Here, the top 10 moves that target every inch of your torso–including that stubborn section just above your hips, from American Council on Exercise experts, Jacque Crockford, CSCS, exercise physiologist, and certified personal trainer, Makeba Edwards.

When it comes to revealing what lies beneath any lingering belly fat in your lower ab region, Crockford reminds us that they key isn’t just the following killer exercises. “Making the abs ‘pop’ requires a well-rounded fitness program that incorporates proper nutrition, cardio, and an effective resistance training program which will provide an overall result of creating fat loss and improving aesthetics,” she says.

If you still aren’t seeing results after incorporating these moves into your routine three times a week, follow these 7 Tips for Shredded Abs.