Cross-training secret: Stadium plyometrics

Why it’s her fave: “Certain areas of my core and legs don’t respond well to traditional strength exercises. Stadium plyometric drills challenge these stubborn areas and help boost endurance, accelerate fat loss, and create long, lean muscles so I’m conditioned year-round.”

Camala’s Workout

Begin with a dynamic warmup with moves like alternating walking kicks and walking knee tucks to get your muscles ready for action.

Super Set 1Do 10 frog jumps going up stadium stairs, then lower into a plank and hold the position for
20 seconds. Stand up and do 10 alternating lunges per leg going up the steps. That’s one set. Repeat for a total of five sets.

Super Set 2: Making your way down the bleachers, jog the length of five rows, completing each of the exercises listed below at the end of the corresponding row. That’s one set. Repeat for a total of five sets.

Row 1: 25 Plié squats

Row 2: 20 Triceps dips

Row 3: 20 Bulgarian split squats (10 each leg)

Row 4: 30 mountain climbers

Row 5: 20 Reverse lunges off the step (10 each leg)


My Fave Way To Cross Train

Cross-training secret: Suicide running drills

Why it’s her fave: “Your body burns a large number of calories with high-intensity sprinting drills like suicides. adding in a variety of plyometric exercises between sets of these sprints ups the fat burn while allowing you to work several muscle groups at once.”

Juliana’s Workout

  • Start with a light warmup, jogging a few laps around a football field or track. Set up six to eight markers about six yards apart on the track or field.
  • Sprint all out from the start line to the first line or marker. Then do one of the following exercises back to the start: pike walkout, crab walk, walking high-knee raises, or side shuffle.
  • Sprint all out from the start line to the second line. Do one of the above exercises back to the start.
  • Continue this drill for each marker, sprinting on the way out and doing one of the exercises above back to the start.
  • Perform four to six sets total.

“Stop if your body is telling you to do so—pushing yourself hard during your workouts is fine, but you also don’t want to overdo it.”


My Fave Way To Cross Train

Cross-training secret: Deep-water training

Why it’s her fave: “Water provides 12 times the resistance of air with zero impact, so you can work your muscles in all directions and challenge your body in a way that you just can’t replicate in the gym. I use a deep-water running belt like the AquaJogger ( to keep my form correct.”

Erin’s Workout

Find water deep enough so that you can’t touch bottom. Wear a flotation belt snapped securely around your waist. Use a waterproof countdown timer or clock to stay on track.

Exercise                         Sets                           Time

All-out Sprints                 8                           30 seconds

Flutter Kick **                 4                           30 Seconds

Frog Kick                       4                            30 Seconds

*Rest for one minute between sets.

**Keep your legs straight and focus on squeezing your glutes.

“When sprinting, bring your thighs up to at least parallel and swing your elbows past your hips. if 30 seconds is too long, try 15 seconds to start and do 12 sprints total. water workouts tend to be longer, as it can be harder to get your heart rate up. experiment with shorter recovery times between sets each subsequent session.”