Adela Garcia's Signature Push-up Is Insanely Tough

The IFBB professional fitness competitor and former Ms. IFBB Fitness Olympia demonstrates her push-up.


Looking for new variations on the push-up to carve your shoulders and upper body? Check out 43-year-old IFBB professional fitness competitor and former Ms. Olympia, Adela Garcia's, "signature push-up" in this video she shared with her Instagram followers. 

After my shoulder injury, I had to take a break from my signature push-ups! First time doing them in a while., I can do this push-ups drunk and you can ask @Altibautista about it! #bringingbacksignaturepushups #mystylecantbeduplicate #orecycle #daleduro #gettingstrongerwithtime #love #live #feel #adelafitness #adelagarciaalltimefitnessolympia #teamfmg #fmgteam #mefui #retirednotdead

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