Fat-burning Strategies to Avoid Being 'Skinny-fat'

Jenna Renee Webb reveals how adding muscle through regular training transformed her body and mind.




Skinny isn't necessarily sexy. The phenomenon known as “skinny-fat” (a svelte appearance that camouflages an otherwise unhealthy physique) can affect many women who equate thinness with beauty. Fitness model Jenna Renee Webb confesses that before she started training a few years ago, she was slim on the outside, but not in great shape underneath. “I went from having absolutely no definition to transforming my body with regular strength workouts,” she says.

Today, Webb hits the gym five days a week doing a combination of strength, HIIT workouts, and circuit training. Check out her favorite legs day routine for building muscle and boosting metabolism, along with her top tips for losing fat and staying healthy.

Webb's legs day workout


  • Start with dynamic stretches, including walking knee pulls to chest, lunges, walking heel pulls, and walking leg curls/pulls.

Exercise 1: squat (6 sets)

  • For the first set, do 15-20 reps with light weight. Then add weight for 8-10 reps for the next 5 sets.
  • In-between sets: Do 15 reps of standing kickbacks with ankle weights or bands.

Exercise 2: single-leg press (4 sets, 15 reps)

  • To better target your outer glutes, turn your toes slightly inward with your knee following the direction of your toes.
  • In-between sets: Do 15 reps of plyometric jumping lunges.

Exercise 3: weighted walking lunge (4 sets, 10–15 reps per leg)

  • In-between sets: Do box jumps as high as you can; aim for 15 reps.

Exercise 4: legs curl (4 sets, 8-15 reps)

  • In-between sets: Do various resistance band exercises. For example: lateral steps, squats with lateral leg raises, and jump squats. (Keep legs at about a 90° angle to engage glutes.)

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