How To Master A Short Workout

Make the most of your workouts by having the right strategy.


Keeping it tight in the gym applies to more than just your outift. Optimize your workout strategy to help sculpt your best physique. Here is my gym advice for getting a fast but still effective workout. 

1. Multitask Your Warmup

Walk on a treadmil at a slight incline while rolling your shoulders and neck for 3-5 minutes. Then stretch you calves, hamstrings, and quads, or do dynamic stretches such as forward leg swings with toe touches. 

2. Know Before You Go

Are you doing a single body part, upper, lower, or full body? Use machines that allow more than one move: leg press machine (leg press/calf raise) or the assisted pullup machine (pullup/dip).

3. Say Goodbye To Rest Periods

How To Master A Short Workout

Work opposing body parts between sets. Try this: dumbbell biceps curls superset with lying dumbbell triceps skull crushers, dumbbell walking lunges superset with dumbbell Romanian deadlift, and planks alternated with Supermans. This also makes the workout more aerobic.

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