This week’s workout comes to you straight from HERS online contributor and IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird. This weekend Jaime will be strutting her stuff at the Jacksonville Pro and looking to get her second pro win. But don’t start thinking this stage-ready physique came easy; Jaime is a regular gal like all of you and works hard for the body she wants. Now you can try Jaime’s leg shaping workout for yourself and get your own set of tight glutes and thighs! 

Jaime Baird’s Leg Shaping Workout!

–Leg Superset #1–

4 x 20 Leg extensions (weight 45 lbs)


4 x 20 Narrow squats with dumbbells (weight 15 lbs) –


–Leg Superset #2–

4 x 20 Hamstring curls (weight 55 lbs)


4 x 20 Good mornings (weight 30 lbs) 


–Leg Superset #3–

4x 20 Leg press (weight 140 lbs)


4 x 30 Calf press on leg press machine (weight 140 lbs)


–Leg Superset #4–

4 x 15 (each leg), Walking lunges with dumbbells (weight 15 – 20lbs)


4 x 20 Switch lunge with medicine ball (weight 10 lbs)


4 x 20 Cable kick backs for glutes and hamstrings (weight 50 – 60 lbs)


1) Move quickly from one exercise to the next, but keep your form tight to avoid injury. You should feel a good burn in the muscle during each super set, but no pain in the joint.

2) Rest about 1 minute between each superset rotation. Use this time to stretch.

3) Keep your abdominal tight when doing the all exercises; this is especially important with the plyometrics.

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