The Workout of the Week is back with more great workouts from your favorite IFBB Pro athletes. What better way to come back then with some back training? We turned to IFBB Figure Pro Felicia Romero for some help. As you can see, Felicia sports one of the most well-sculpted backs on the figure stage. Now you can try her workout for yourself!

Felicia’s Back Workout:
1. Wide grip lat pulldown: 4 sets of 15– 45lbs, 60, 70lb, 80lbs*
2. Wide grip seated row: 3 sets fo 15– 45-60lbs
3. Assisted pullup: 3 sets of 15– 70-80lbs
4. DB bent over row: 3 sets of 15/arm– 20, 25, 30lbs
5. Underhand close grip lat pulldown: 3 sets of 15reps– 45,60,
*Felicia recommends you adjust the weights accordingly to hit failure for the prescribed rep range.

Training Tips-

1. Make sure to stretch all the way up when working back.
2. Try not to use your forearms or biceps.
3. Use a soft grip when training back. If you’re going heavy, use straps or hooks (they are for girls too!).

Special thanks to Felicia Romero for the workout. Besides being a top IFBB Figure Pro, Felicia is also one of Arizona’s top personal trainers. Check her out at For appearances, sponsorship, modeling, etc.: