Gain Mass

Rock Hard Meals Month 2: Eating for Superior Strength and Size

Strategic sample meal plans that vary carb intake for the best possible results.

This is part 2 of the Rock Hard Challenge. For more eating tips, check out the meal plans from month 1 of the Rock Hard Challenge.

These two sample meal plans have been designed for a 200-pound male who consumes about 4,000 calories for bodyweight maintenance. The first meal plan is for your Baseline Days when you consume a little over 100 grams of carbs throughout the day. The second is for your Re-feeding Days when you take in about 400 grams of carbs.

As with part 1, we’ve based these samples on simple foods to help you understand how to construct your own meal plans. Feel free to make substitutions, but keep calories and macronutrients fairly equivalent.

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