Believe it or not, complicated meals don’t necessarily taste any better than simple ones. And even though buying the same 12 ingredients every time you shop may sound boring, what you cook with them doesn’t need to taste that way.

Take it from two of the best—and fittest—chefs in America, Quinn Hatfield and Daniel Humm, who are leading the way in the kind of fresh, simple cooking that will transform your kitchen repertoire. “To eat well, you need to cook for yourself,” Humm says. “The more complicated you make it, the less likely you’ll do it.”

He and Hatfield are just like the rest of us: short on time but all too aware of how important it is to be able to fuel up quickly after a workout, as well as take it slow and make something great for a date. And repetition is key: “The way I stock my own fridge is highly repetitive,” Hatfield says. “But men love go-to dishes we know how to make well.”

Here, our megachefs’ ultimate grocery list that’ll keep you covered for years to come.