1) Blue fin tuna

Known as “hon-maguro” at the sushi bar, these fish are being perilously over-fished due to Japanese demand. (The Atlantic bluefin is hurting as well.) Bottom line: They’re tasty as hell, but if you eat them you’re probably going to hell.

2) Orange roughy

The endangered orange roughy, whose mild flavor is easily matched by any number of sustainable options, is a bottom-dweller caught by trawls—huge nets that disturb important parts of the ocean floor and catch large amounts of by-catch.

3) Shark

These top-chain predators, which are crucial to the marine ecosystem, are preyed on by trawlers, fishers hunting them for shark-fin soup, and individual assholes. Also, shark meat is high in mercury—which can damage the central nervous system and is particularly dangerous to pregnant women and children.